“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Friday, October 31

Our Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest! 2014

Last night the Family got together for our annual Jack o lantern carving party. We had a lot of fun a some interesting lanterns were crafted...







Liam and Julia's with a little help from Nan



hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 21

Today is the first real chilly day of Autumn here, I can actually see my breath this morning, and I'm not sure I want to turn the furnace on just yet? so I'm thinking I'll do some baking to warm the place up, I'm thinking bread and rolls, and I might whip up a few batches of cookies.

 I finished my Gaptistic cowl and my hat just in time I have a feeling they will get a lot of wear this year

Cari was so kind to be my model.  rav notes here barley gaptastic 

Friday, October 10

Nana scores again!!!

We are having such a beautiful Autumn here it's really unbelievable how warm it has been, but I'm not delusional I know what's around the corner, so my needles have been a clicking

a little slouchy hat made for my little sweetheart Julia, Rav notes here

A GAP cowl made for my Kelli as part of her birthday gift, and modeled by Cari, Rav notes here

and Kirby as requested by Dylan, I couldn't find a pattern so I made it up as I went. When I was finished I showed it to him and I got the thumbs up approval.  Rav notes here

Nana scores again!!! lol,

Saturday, September 27

let's go for a walk

We went to the old Rainbow Valley site yesterday Parks Canada have taken it over and turned it into park land and nature trail. we took a picnic lunch and reminisced about all the fun times spent there when it was an amusement park. we took our kids there every summer and the schools had the end of the year field trips there.It was fun to watch Cari's face light up as she remembered different things. after lunch we walked the trail and it took us directly to Cavendish beach so we just had to go on the beach and we just had to stick our toes in the water I was so surprised at how warm the water was and you know kids they jumped right in clothes and all. We are definitely adding this trail to our must walk trail list!

Tuesday, September 23

Happy Fall!

Wow it's Fall...where did the time go? we had such a fantastic summer here on the Island full of exciting adventures and fun family times. I did a ton of knitting too

first off was jacquard stripe socks
Little Julia's favourite books are the Kipper books and this is my attempt at knitting one for her Rav notes here 
Owl puffs I am making them to give out as Tree ornaments notes here

Julia's Birthday sweater rav notes

   more socks rav notes here

a knit a long with Mel notes here

My favourite sock yarn

rav notes here

and last but not least the fabulous bakery bears rav notes here

I also did some canning last week homemade Chow and yummy yummy mustard pickles.
I am looking forward to thing's slowing down just a bit and taking time to relax I hope I'll be able to keep the blog up with more frequent posts.

Saturday, June 28

a few cute knits

I finally got around to knitting with the yarn that Kelli bought for me while they were down in the US in May, the yarn came with a sock pattern. I used this pattern for the socks they were a bit too big for me so Hubby claimed them for himself, they are the perfect fit.
I only hope he will wear them, as he has a problem with my hand knits he seams to think they will fall apart!?!?

I had a bit of yarn left over and though what better way to use it up than make a souvenir for Kelli to remind her of her trip to Pennsylvania. I made her a little coffee cup cozy and the darling Bluebird of Happiness...(a great pattern and I know I'll be knitting more as ornaments for the Christmas tree!)

and a coffee cup cozy.

Pattern-Fat Quarters SOCKS! by Wendy Ellis Needle- 2.5 mm Yarn-Lancaster Yarn Shop Kettle Dyed Sock Colorway-buggy top

 Pattern-Bluebird of Happiness by Sara Elizabeth Kellner Needle-3.5 mm Yarn-Lancaster Yarn Shop Kettle Dyed Sock Colorway-Buggy Top

For Julia who loves birdies just as much as her Nana does!

 Pattern-Bluebird of Happiness by Sara Elizabeth Kellner Needle-3.5 mm Yarn-Patons Astra