“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Wednesday, April 23

more socks

I had a michaels 50% off coupon so I bought 2 balls of Patons kroy ragg, I love saving money!
I used the Basic rib socks on 2.50mm dpn's really love the fit, pretty sure I'll have enough leftovers to make a pair of footsies.

Man I love this yarn 

Sunday, April 20

Wishing you a Happy Easter may you spend this day doing whatever brings you joy

Monday, April 14

again I want to apologize for the long break between posts, but I have been busy with the grandbabies.

I have some more knits to share.

 I do believe we can official call 2014 the year of the socks well at least for me, I just can't stop knitting them.

For Nate,this is a free pattern  Ribbed Socks for Kids by Susan B. Anderson using Patons North America Kroy Socks Ragg Shades

and a pair for Dylan using some very old Kroy I had in the stash 

 and a pair for myself Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet for Socks by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I knitted up this sweet little shrug for Julia, to keep her little arms warm when she wears her Easter dress, I made the 24 month size but it came out bigger than I wanted. the pattern is Baby Shrug by Debbie Bliss. using Red Heart Shimmer

Tuesday, March 18

some FO's to show

Had a great week of knitting  I started and finished 4 projects

First up The Fruit Cozies- that I made for Julia to use for a purse
Rav notes here

Another pair of Rye- what can I say I know what I like Rav notes here

The hood hat Rav notes here I would have loved to get a picture with Julia modeling it but she refuses to wear it! oh well,
and yes another pair of Rye this pair a toddler size
notes here so if you're counting that's 6 pairs with more to come I'm sure! yup I already casted on pair #7

Sunday, March 9

It's good to be back!

Well it sure has been awhile hasn't it?

Let me start by saying I have a good reason for being away for so long. Our family has been fighting off one cold after another, and the norovirus keeps coming back! it is not fun!
I hope it has finally gone ! between sick days I did knit, starting with a cute Balaclava for Julia.

 project notes here
an oats cowl for myself,
project notes here

 a Barley to match
rav notes

 Hermione's Everyday Socks was one of my Ravellenic projects

 Fancy Socks for Julia

 gauntlet mitts

Gigi monster

a pair of mitts

and finally a pair of Rye socks for Hubs

 well thanks for coming back and catching up, I will try my best to post more often, but I am sure you all understand!


Sunday, March 2

Jack Frost Children's Winterfest

This weekend was the Jack Frost Children's Winterfest here on the Island this year the kids had a ball

Thursday, January 9

2013 knits

you can view my 2013 projects here

2 pairs of Ankle Socks
2Snowman Ornament
3 pairThrummed Mittens
1 Malt
3 Barley
1 Oats
2 pair RYE
4 pairs of basic mittens
1 set baby Legwarmies
Garter Stitch Scarf
Coronet hat
3 The Age of Brass and Steam
52 Star snowflakes
Julia's balaclava
Pussy Cat hat
Everyday hat
Sunnyside baby Sweater
4 The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief
2 pair Seamless Salomas Slippers
3 Non-felted Slippers
Ruffle Scarf
Henry and Henrietta Henry
Patchy patch
 5 Stash Busting Monster
Monster Chunks
Let's go shopping - Market bag
Moderne Log Cabin Blanket
Striped Cardi
Bunny Blanket
Everlasting Bagstopper
Ribby Toque
Central Park Hoodie
Tappan Zee Cardigan
Baby Cardi
1 LaLa's Simple Shawl
1 Daisy Dress
3 Cuddly friends                        
1 The Basque a child's Beret
 1 Hello Kitty Hat
 1 Goomba Hat
3 Flower head bands
1 Cardigan for Merry
1 Snowdrop hat
3 Belle & Beau sweaters
 1 Hoot Cardi

Wednesday, January 8

The first week of 2014

it's been a busy week here, Hubs has a bad cold and has been off work all week, I have been playing his nurse and on top of that I slipped and fell on the ice and tore the tendons in my right knee,the Doctor on call told me to ice it, and it would feel better in a few days. So when not taking care of hubs and the kids, I have been resting and icing my knee, watching a lot of TV and of course knitting.
I finished a pair of rye socks for Cari after wearing the pair I made for Jason for Christmas, she asked for a pair for herself only as a ankle sox.

also finished a pair of tube socks for Miss J
and 2 pairs of ankle socks for myself

so I guess every cloud has a silver lining after all.